The Gist...

What We Do...

We bring order to your business and home.

Why We Do...

Making your life efficient, uncluttered, settled and peaceful brings fulfillment.

How We Do...

Creating SPACE: Sort, Purge, Assign, Contain & Equalize.

More Details...

The Basics

Decluttering. Removing excess. Finding an appropriate place for your belongings. Setting up a system for your continued life of order. 

Home Staging

Preparing your home for an event or market listing. Arranging furnishings for optimal living ease and design aesthetics.

Creative Solutions

Ingenious ideas for your dilemmas. Solutions for your office, kitchen, bath, closet, garage, shed, playroom, bedroom, collections, etc.

Document Storage

Scanning, categorizing and electronic storage of receipts or other documents. Establishing and updating filing systems.

Conquering Challenges

Access storage systems for all sorts of items. Explore your options with a consultation; offering ideas, catalogues and web addresses.

Personal Concierge Services

Simplify your life, save time and be in two places at once, by letting us run errands, event organize, make calls, wait in lines and more.